Resource Library

Vidyaloke is an initiative to revive Indian wisdom and serves as a source of knowledge and a guide on your inner journey.

To delve into Indian wisdom one requires discipline, rigour and patience. Our resource library could become a valuable tool for you, to facilitate and catalyse learning.

The contents of Vidyaloke’s resource library are:

  • An introduction to Masters and Teachers that we respect
  • Sutras and Books written by Nalanda Pandits, contemporary masters and avant-garde writers.
  • Centers of learning actively involved in the study and dissemination of wisdom
  • Portals with interesting content – both historical, and intellectual.
  • A glossary to help Shishyas understand complex terms

All recommendations of people, places and texts mentioned in this library are made purely from Vidyaloke’s perspective. We have neither been encouraged, nor have we asked for consent with respect to the information contained herein.

As a Shishya if you have suggestions for any aspect of the resource library, please send us an email to [email protected].


For queries, please write to us at:

[email protected]